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Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁 receives grant to support Adventist youth

Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁, one of Walla Walla University’s student-led churches, was recently awarded a grant through the North Pacific Union’s brand new Spark Tank initiative. Launched in early September this year, the brand-new program is focused on empowering local young adult ministries. 

Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁 and six other teams presented new and innovative ideas to connect with their communities and share the message of Jesus at the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) office in Ridgefield, 华盛顿. Representatives from across the NPUC attended the event to evaluate the ideas and had the opportunity to award $50,000 in funding—which would then be matched by a local church or local conference young adult department—to help launch the initiatives. 

The student leaders of Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁 recognized a need to renew “La Sociedad de Jóvenes Adventistas,” similar to what is known in many English-speaking churches as Adventist youth. The tradition has a longstanding rich history in Spanish-speaking churches and the Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁 team envisions it as a way to create meaningful, bilingual Sabbath afternoon church services for the WWU community. 

安德烈斯阿纳, junior product design major and one of Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁’s pastors, felt blessed to participate in the program: “It was incredible to see that there are so many people who are invested in building community with Adventist youth. They care about us enough to provide funds for us to try our new ideas.” 

Anaya explained that what sets Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁 apart is its goal to constantly involve new people. The church is always striving to bring in new speakers, 迎宾员, 音乐家, and people interested in building new communities. Anaya shared that Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁’s services are fully bilingual and are accessible to those who prefer speaking Spanish or English. 

Follow the activities of Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁 and their mission on campus by visiting their instagram page, @nuestra.句.

10月发布. 19, 2023

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